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About Funeral Costs

For Times of Need

Funeral Costs

If you arrange the funeral, you are responsible for paying the bill.  We do have to pay for some third party services at the time of booking.  As we are a small company we do have to request a deposit to cover these third party costs at the time of booking and arranging the funeral. The Deposit is £1,000 for a Direct to Crematorium Package and £1,400 for all other packages including bespoke.  The full balance is then due 30 days after the funeral date.  A discount of £100 is applied if you wish to pay the full balance before the date of the funeral.  Funeral costs may be paid for in different ways:

  • From the estate of the deceased.
  • A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan paid for/by the deceased.
  • Money from a life-insurance policy or pension.
  • The bank or building society of the deceased may agree to release funds to pay for the funeral costs.
  • You or the executor may need to pay and then recover the money from the estate later.

Financial Help

You could get a Funeral Expenses Payment (also called a Funeral Payment) if you get certain benefits and need help to pay for a funeral you are arranging.

Any payments received may be recovered from the deceased's estate.

Funeral Expenses Payment can help to pay for some of the costs of the following:

  • burial fees for a particular plot
  • cremation fees, including the cost of the doctors certificate
  • travel to arrange or go to the funeral
  • the cost of moving the body in the UK, if it being moved more than 50 miles
  • death certificates or other documents

You can also get money for other funeral expenses, such as funeral directors fees, flowers or the coffin.  Please follow this link for further information:

You can only get these benefits if your deceased husband, wife, or civil partner paid National Insurance contributions.

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